Lawyers with a Difference

So, what makes us extraordinary? Exactly that! It’s that little something extra…

  1. Our Principal Lawyers hold the highest degrees specific to Family Law so you never have to worry about knowing your rights and entitlements;

  2. We tell you the things that you don’t know, not the things you want to hear;

  3. We take the lead in speaking out about controversial issues that affect you;

  4. We have a strong and supportive legal and administrative team backing us and backing you.

  5. We are Lawyers, Conveyancers and Mortgage Brokers with Perdriau Mortages and Wealth Creation. We are able to assist you with all of your associated family law matters in one location. This saves you time and money also means that you don’t have to provide your personal information and documentation over and over again to different organisations.

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More than just Lawyers

Perdriau Family Lawyers also offers a convenient service where we can assist you with all of your family law needs in one location including:

  1. Arranging finance of the former matrimonial home through our sister company, Perdriau Mortgages and Wealth Creation;

  2. Conducting all conveyancing associated with the sale of the former matrimonial home;

  3. Transferring the property from one party to the other once an agreement has been reached or a court order has been made and;

  4. Making application for the stamp duty exemption on your behalf – (this means that you won’t have to pay stamp duty when transferring the former matrimonial home from joint names to one name or from one spouse’s name to the other spouse’s name).

Perdriau Mortgages and Wealth Creation

Our mission through Perdriau Mortgages and Wealth Creation is to provide quality financial advice to everyone, no matter where you are on life’s journey and where you want to go.

Find out how we can help you acheive your financial goals today.

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