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When can you legally leave your kids in the car?

Hands up who takes their children with them while they pop into the corner store to get a loaf of bread or at the service station while you pay for petrol? More often than not, it will end up being a 10 minute stop instead of a two-minute one[...]

Why are dodgy excuses are on the rise for jury duty?

It seems individuals are now putting a lot of effort into increasingly bizarre ways to avoid jury duty. This has largely been caused by legal proceedings in some areas of the law becoming too complex and drawn-out. For example, in the past, a sex or drug case would run[...]

11 of the most bizarre traffic laws from around the World.

Driving is no easy feat – regardless of the country you’re in – and it’s a challenge to be across all the road rules in your state, let alone all of Australia. However, compared to driving laws from around the globe, we have little to complain about. We’ve taken[...]

11 Weird and Wonderful Aussie Laws You Didn’t Know About

As you may know, Australia has some undeniably bizarre urban legends and myths, but here are some strange Australian Laws that still exist to this day. For a bit of fun, we’ve explored some of the more bizarre things that are still illegal… although your chances of being arrested[...]