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Can Aussie couples really be ‘Married at First Sight’?

In a nutshell, the answer is ‘No’…. 

However, Channel 9’s reality show Married at First Sight has raised a multitude of interesting questions: • Is it legal to marry a total stranger? • How well and how long must a couple know each other before getting married? • Are[...]

Busting the Top 5 Property Settlement Myths

Most people know someone who has been affected by a family breakup. It is usually a very stressful and emotional time where people are anxious about the separation, the property settlement and the emotional wellbeing and care arrangements for children. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation in[...]

The Answers to Your Top 7 Family Law Questions

The only time many Australians need to engage a lawyer is when they have questions about separation or divorce. A little information at the outset can make this interaction with a lawyer less painful and confusing. We’ve compiled some quick answers to the questions that we hear most often:[...]

Valentine’s Day – Time To Take a Different Perspective

It would seem like a given that a divorced or separated person may cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day. This popular holiday may trigger feelings of loneliness or resentment at their former spouse for some individuals. If you are recently divorced or separated, February 14 may feel more[...]

Free Practical Guides to Separation & Property Settlement

Separation and divorce can be overwhelming, and understandably you will have a lot on your mind. Taking a logical and organised approach to divorce will help minimise the stress and financial impact, as will being prepared for your Lawyer. At Perdriau Family Lawyers, we have designed a series of[...]

In what way will the Ashley Madison hack affect your divorce?

The Ashley Madison hacking scandal made headlines around the world, but as months pass by, this is becoming a distant memory for most of us. However, there are those who were involved directly in the revelations that are still dealing with the impact to their families. There’s no doubt[...]