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Just what is Intimate Partner Sexual Violence?

50 There seem to be some misconceptions around the question ‘I’m married, does that mean I’m obligated to have sex with my spouse?’ The answer is NO! A lot of pressure can be placed on partners in committed relationships (particularly on women), often it is just drummed into people’s[...]

Is Fifty Shades Darker really just abuse in the eyes of the law?

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures There’s no denying the popularity of the ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise, with millions of copies of books sold worldwide, translated into 52 different languages, not to mention the success of the first film - which grossed almost $170 million worldwide. This brings us to the[...]

Supporting Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence.

Can we end domestic violence in Australia? As Australia struggles to find answers to the nations domestic violence issues, a new initiative from the United States will soon be trialled here to combat the problem that is plaguing the nation. Domestic violence in Australia at a glance: One woman[...]

Domestic Violence Through the Eyes of a Child

The definition of domestic and family violence will be broadened to include actions witnessed by children under new reforms to the ACT's domestic violence laws. Children who see or hear violence will be considered to have been directly harmed. So the consequences of those perpetrators charged with domestic violence[...]