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The Answers to Your Top 7 Family Law Questions

The only time many Australians need to engage a lawyer is when they have questions about separation or divorce. A little information at the outset can make this interaction with a lawyer less painful and confusing. We’ve compiled some quick answers to the questions that we hear most often:[...]

7 Best Tips to Save Money on Your Legal Costs

When legal matters arise, the most important first step is to obtain professional advice. However, the reality of the situation is that quality legal advice will cost you money. You might be surprised to find out that by thinking practically and being organised that there are many proven methods[...]

Free Practical Guides to Separation & Property Settlement

Separation and divorce can be overwhelming, and understandably you will have a lot on your mind. Taking a logical and organised approach to divorce will help minimise the stress and financial impact, as will being prepared for your Lawyer. At Perdriau Family Lawyers, we have designed a series of[...]