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Is Fifty Shades Darker really just abuse in the eyes of the law?

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures There’s no denying the popularity of the ‘Fifty Shades’ franchise, with millions of copies of books sold worldwide, translated into 52 different languages, not to mention the success of the first film - which grossed almost $170 million worldwide. This brings us to the[...]

Cyberbullying: what is the right punishment?

As you may have heard last week, more than 50 students have been suspended from Toronto High in the Lake Macquarie district following a cyber-bullying incident that went viral around the school. According to reports, the online bullying allegedly involved students posting a ‘status’ expressing a negative opinion about[...]

7 Best Tips to Save Money on Your Legal Costs

When legal matters arise, the most important first step is to obtain professional advice. However, the reality of the situation is that quality legal advice will cost you money. You might be surprised to find out that by thinking practically and being organised that there are many proven methods[...]

Valentine’s Day – Time To Take a Different Perspective

It would seem like a given that a divorced or separated person may cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day. This popular holiday may trigger feelings of loneliness or resentment at their former spouse for some individuals. If you are recently divorced or separated, February 14 may feel more[...]

Think Before You Send, the Negative Effects of Technology

A tragic and upsetting story has made news this week with a teenager in the United States is facing manslaughter charges for allegedly coaxing her 18-year-old friend to take his own life, during a series of over 1,000 exchanged text messages. The US media is reporting that Michelle Carter,[...]