Free Practical Guides to Separation & Property Settlement


Separation and divorce can be overwhelming, and understandably you will have a lot on your mind. Taking a logical and organised approach to divorce will help minimise the stress and financial impact, as will being prepared for your Lawyer.

At Perdriau Family Lawyers, we have designed a series of checklists and worksheets that you can download for free to make one of the hardest moments in your life that little bit easier.

In our experience, what we find is that often one of the parties has an unfair advantage over the other as a result of having access to documents, resources or steps they have taken prior to the separation. These checklists will also help even the playing field when it comes to separation and property settlements.

  • separation-must-do-now
    Separation First Steps: Things You Must Do Now

    We’ve prepared this checklist of ‘must do’ items when you first separate from your partner. This list of simple tasks will try to ensure that you are protected and neither party has an unfair advantage that could cost you in the long run.

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  • separation-first-meeting
    Separation First Steps: Your First Meeting with your Lawyer

    Checklist of items to bring with you and what you need to think about when you meet with your Lawyer for the first time in regards to separation. This simple list will ensure that you have all the information your Lawyer will need so they can give you advice on the best possible outcomes for your situation.

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  • separation-things-to-consider
    Separation: Things You Need to Consider

    You will have some difficult decisions to make during your separation. To make sure you don’t miss anything, we’ve prepared a checklist of items you will need to address.

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  • separation-asset-planner
    Property Settlement Asset Planner

    Use this worksheet to record the assets you and your former partner have agreed on and those which you will need to come to an agreement on.

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In order for you to ensure you have the proper assistance during this time, it is crucial that you seek legal advice as early as possible. Seeking legal advice early is your first step to a well negotiated and amicable settlement being reached. Make an appointment to talk to our team of Family Law Experts today.

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