• Our Fee Structure

    We are not about being the cheapest. We are about being the best.

    It’s a common belief that most people considering separation or a divorce think that it will cost approximately $20-50k in legal costs. However, this will only happen in a small number of cases due to the complexity of the matter and a general lack of co-operation from the other party.

    Our experienced Family Law lawyers will aim to minimise the emotional and financial effects of relationship breakdowns.

  • Fee Structure

    Legal advice and services provided by Perdriau Family Lawyers are generally charged at an hourly rate, with a fixed rate for our initial consultation. Using this fee structure ensures that you only pay for the service you require, no more and no less. 

    Our cost structure will be made available to clients as soon as reasonably practical and appropriate.

  • Why do we use this fee structure?

    A common question we get asked when clients are enquiring about engaging our services is whether we will act on a ‘no win, no fee’ cost structure. A no win, no fee cost structure is usually reserved for civil litigation matters, such as contractual disputes, personal injury or compensation claims. In those matters, the court will determine a clear winner and a clear loser in the matter and will make an order for the loser to pay the winner’s costs. In Family Law matters, the court isn’t interested in a winner or a loser but what is in the best interest of the children and dividing the matrimonial asset pool. Therefore is not appropriate to use a no win, no fee cost structure, in Divorce and Family Law matters.

    Another common query clients have when they attend at the office is whether we will act for a fixed price. Fixed pricing works well in matters where there is known outcome and known disbursements. Matters such as, conveyancing, probate, estate wills, all of which are relatively straight forward and there is a procedure to follow. Apart from a simple divorce application, there can be many uncertainties or unknowns in Family Law therefore we are unable to offer our Family Law services at a fixed price.

    Please see our packages page for a list of our cost-effective, fixed price services.

  • We Don’t Charge Success Fees

    With some law firms, you may be charged legal fees which can include a ‘success fee’. A success fee is typically a percentage added to the final costs if your claim is successful. Generally, success fees are only charged under the no win, no fee cost structure.

    As Perdriau Family Lawyers don’t operate under this structure, you won’t be charged success fees as part of a successful settlement.

  • Disbursements

    ‘Disbursements’ are any costs we incur on your behalf. In most cases it is impossible to know at the beginning exactly what disbursements will be required.

    We only incur a disbursement if you agree to incur the cost first. We will require that you place money to meet any disbursements into our Trust Account so that the disbursements can be paid when the service is delivered.

    Disbursements include expenses such as:

    • Fees charged for work done by other professionals (barristers, experts, valuers, psychologists);

    • Direct costs incurred in managing a matter such as courier fees; and Court filling fees.

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