Child Custody - Parenting Arrangements

Family law terms can sometimes be confusing, but put simply, in a family law matter, your children should come first.

You 've probably heard the terms 'live with ', 'spend time with ', 'custody ', 'access, ' 'residence ' and 'contact '. These are all terms that deal with your children 's living arrangements and need to be considered and decided upon following a marriage or relationship breakdown.

When parents separate, decisions need to be made about the care, welfare and development of the children in relation to both day to day and long term matters.

This includes decisions about where a child or children will live, how often they spend time with each of their parents and the sharing of special events such as Birthdays, Christmas, and School Holidays. All of these issues are important and should be included in any Agreement or Court Order about your children.

There are lots of things that you probably wouldn 't think about that we like to include when drafting these Agreements or Court Orders. For instance:

  1. Can you attend parent teacher interviews, school excursions or the annual school concert?

  2. Will both parties receive their children 's annual school report card or notice for the purchase of school photographs?

  3. Can you show up at all of your children 's sporting events and extra-curricular activities?

We can ensure that you will always be in attendance for your child or children 's important milestones by considering every aspect of what needs to be included in the Agreement or Court Orders for your child or children.

The role that grandparents, step parents, and other people play in the lives of children must also be considered.

If you and your partner agree on these arrangements for your children, then you can formalise these agreements by preparing and filing what are called Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement with the Family Court of Australia and ask them to make parenting orders by consent.

If you and your former partner cannot agree on these matters, it may be necessary to apply to the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court of Australia to determine who is responsible for what and make orders to this effect. These orders are called parenting orders and if an agreement cannot be reached, a Judge will determine what will occur with your child or children.

We can assist you with your matter irrespective of whether your matter settles by an agreement with your partner or if the matter proceeds to Court.

We 're here to help you get the best possible outcome for you and your children and provide everyone with the fresh start they need after a relationship breakdown.

Below, we 've included some frequently asked questions in parenting matters.

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Parenting Matters - Frequently Asked Questions